Vegan Food Sales Increase By Over $3.1 BILLION

vegan food sales

Veganism is a booming business, and the latest figures support this. A recent study by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute show that vegan food sales have topped $3.1 billion.

The study also showed that vegan and plant-based food sales have experienced a growth increase of 8.1%. Along with this, alternatives to dairy have experienced a 20% increase in sales, with the total sales figure of vegan cheeses, yoghurts and ice cream amounting to a whopping $700 million.

Perhaps the best news in the study is that sales of cows milk have dropped by 5%, compared to plant-based milks increasing in sales by over 3%.

It also found that plant-based milk now accounts for almost 10% of ALL milk sales.

This growth of sales was seen especially in the popularity of vegan yoghurts, which has experienced a growth of 56% compared to the previous year.

Vegan and plant-based meat sales have also increased by 6%, with refrigerated meats growing more than frozen.

Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director of The Good Food Institute says there is a “revolution” taking place.

“Right now, the sector is small, but growing, and we are working hard to create a viable market sector. It is especially impressive to see that all the plant-based companies are working cooperatively, because a rising tide will lift all boats.”

Veganism is finally being recognised as a healthy and ethical way to live, and these findings represent that. As vegan food sales increase, it ensures that veganism is here to stay.

To see sales of dairy are declining on such a rapid scale, it also demonstrates the power that vegans truly have. By not purchasing milk, we are in control, ensuring that fewer cows are abused and mistreated for nothing more than a glass of milk.

With awareness increasing in regards to our health, ethics, and the environment, I expect to see even larger growth in vegan food sales next year.

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