Vegan Fried Chicken Shop A Huge Success

vegan fried chicken shop

Vegan fried chicken shop booming

Temple of Seitan opened the store in Morning Lane in early January – right next door to the Hackney Meat Centre, a Halal butchers. They’re a specialty vegan fried chicken shop using seitan to make their products.

Photos showed scores of vegans queuing down the road in the rain to sample the goods.

The Temple of Hackney outlet was announced late last year, with the “chicken” being made from seitan instead of meat.

Seitan is made from wheat and is typically used to create a mock meat. This vegan fried chicken shop is meant to be the first of its kind in the world.

Temple of Seitan aren’t the first to use seitan. A vegan butchers recently opened, which uses seitan as the primary ingredient.

Ironically, the vegan fried chicken shop is located next to a meat butchers. It’s nice to see hordes of people supporting a vegan brand that doesn’t support animal exploitation and sell corpses.

It also send a message showing just how popular the vegan movement is becoming. Seeing the huge success of specialist vegan stores and restaurants will hopefully persuade others to move towards being ethical and ultimately vegan.


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