Vegan Friendly Bentley’s Will Soon Be A Thing!

vegan friendly Bentley's

Bentley’s are a luxury item that few are lucky enough to own, however, aren’t exactly vegan. With the interior being made with over 20 cow hides, Bentley has realised they’re excluding the vegan market. That means vegan friendly Bentley’s are now being considered for the very near future!

“You can’t sell an animal-containing product like a Bentley, with 20 leather hides, to someone with a vegan lifestyle”. – Stefan Sielaff, Bentley’s director of design

Bentley has reportedly seen an increase in demand for vegan-friendly interiors, mainly from their dealerships in California.

Bentley has also stated that they have a keen interest in satisfying their vegan customers, something which is extremely promising for the future of veganism.

Sielaff has said that “We will shortly present a Bentley with a vegan interior”, using “protein leather, mushroom leather [and] jellyfish material”. Although jellyfish won’t exactly be vegan, as a jellyfish is clearly an animal, the rest of her statement is extremely promising.

vegan friendly Bentley's

An exact date for these vegan friendly Bentley’s has not yet been released, and neither has the make or models that will be available in vegan designs.

This is an amazing step forward for veganism, demonstrating that even the most luxurious and glamorous brands can create stylish and popular products.

Vegan friendly Bentley’s are only being created because of popular demand, demonstrating the importance of where we put our money. This demonstrates that companies can also benefit economically by creating vegan products and that by isolating a large chunk of their market they are only harming themselves.

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