Is Vegan Friendly Media A Possibility?


Almost everyday you see a BS article on social media about how animal products are good for you. The most recent claiming that high fat cheese is the secret to a long life, yeah right. Yet, alongside these articles, I’m starting to see something different. For every teeth grindingly awful article, there’s a glimmer of hope too. An article actually promoting veganism!

How is vegan friendly media developing? For a start, the people who create the news and what we see on social media are changing. Gone are the golden oldies raised on a diet of meat and 2 veg, and along come the millennials.

vegan friendly media

I really loved Katie O’Malley’s post on Elle, where she states;

It’s rare for vegans to be preachy, but common for meat eaters to be aggressive.

Positive media like this is what we need to change perceptions and increase veganism further.

They’re more open minded and open to change, meaning they’re much more likely to embrace veganism. The people who read the news are also changing, with veganism increasing by 360% over the past decade. Write about what people are interested in, simple stuff.

Furthermore, the evidence to back up these articles is only increasing.

From proving the carcinogenic effects of red meat to the cruelty of dairy, the proof simply can’t be ignored any further.

media becoming more vegan friendly
The Guardian showing the world of media how it’s done

One of the best online publications for demonstrating how the vegan friendly media should be is The Guardian. Their article ‘This is what a vegan looks like’ was close to perfect. Veganism is not about hippy-dippy bandana wearing tree huggers, it’s the future for everyone.

Is the vegan friendly media the future?

Of course. Yes, we’ll still get those click-bait articles claiming that vegans are wrong, but things are definitely changing for the better. The media is finally realising that constantly insulting and lying to and about vegans doesn’t work. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for veganism in the media.

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