Vegan Hair Care Products You Can’t Live Without

vegan hair care

Veganism is more than simply what you eat, and vegan hair care is something very few think about. Many companies test on animals, and many also use animal products. So what out there is vegan? And what is the best?

LUSH ‘Daddy-O’ Purple Shampoo

vegan hair care

I got given this for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. Although designed with blondes in mind, it will soften and add shine to any colour hair. The purple tones are gentle enough to be used more regularly than regular purple shampoo, and it’s a very good price! (£5.75/100g).

It’s hard to go wrong with LUSH, and this is their first vegan hair care product that I’ve tried. So far, so good!

(Most of) Paul Mitchell

vegan hair care

All Paul Mitchell products are cruelty free, yay! In fact, almost all of their products are vegan also, which is brilliant news.

Their hair repair treatment “helps to moisturize your hair and keep it revitalized.” It also helps to prevent future problems and damaged hair by increasing the inner strength of the hair itself. Sounds good to me!

Best of all, all of his products are very reasonably priced.

John Masters Hair Texturizer

vegan hair care

Whether you’re after smooth and silky or the bed-head look, this will help you get it. It’s also great for those with curly hair, keeping them defined and frizz free.

Made with bourbon, vanilla and tangerine, you can guarantee that your hair will smell a million dollars. It says a little goes a long way, so this will be a favourite for months to come.

Faith in Nature

vegan hair care

All of the Faith in Nature range is vegan, yay! With flavours such as coconut and frangipani to rose and neroli, it’s hard to believe that these are only £4.50 each.

Designed for frequent use, these will easily fit into your everyday life, and will keep your hair feeling hydrated and revitalised. It’s only a few pounds extra than your regular shampoo, so why not go cruelty free?


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