Vegan-Only Home Delivery Debuts In Australia

home delivery

Freshara, a home delivery service dedicated to plant-based food, is now delivering to more than 300 suburbs across Sydney and Melbourne.

Co-founder Yuki Thomas wanted to fill an important niche by featuring “everything that is non-animal” while using premium, locally sourced ingredients. “We don’t want to offer the normal, we want to offer the best quality plant-based meals you can find,” says Thomas.

As a vegetarian, Thomas is always looking for services that cater to her needs. “I just don’t have the time to cook a week’s worth of food,” she says. “So we thought, why don’t we just deliver meals straight to your door?”

home delivery

Thomas has partnered with Troy Tam to develop an extensive and varied menu, which includes cuisines from the Middle East, Asia, India and South America, with more recipes developed weekly. Moroccan chickpea and couscous tagine; Jungle Curry with jasmine rice; Garden Harvest pasta bake, and a roast pumpkin and sweet potato quinoa salad are available.

Freshara also delivers its products in 100 per cent recyclable packaging to ensure its practices are in line with vegan culture. Meals arrive unheated to preserve quality, so you’ll have to heat it up yourself at home.

Prices start from $9AUD per meal alongside special eating plans, which includes 12 meals per week.

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