Vegan Infographics That Are Handy And Helpful

vegan infographics

Vegan Infographics

Vegan infographics are a great way at spreading important facts quickly. There’s one to explain almost every question, qualm or disbelief out there. We see a large handful of infographics thrown around every week but these are some of our favourite.

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vegan infographics

In conjunction with the incredible documentary, the Cowspiracy team released an infographic summarising a number of important points and facts discussed during the video.

PETA- Wondering about a vegan diet?

This one tackles the health side of a vegan diet. It explains the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and all the negatives of a regular omni one. Protein, vitamins and calcium are all included, meaning it directly confronts the age old myths surrounding a vegan diet.

vegan infographics


Veganuary has helped turn a huge number of people vegan. To support their cause, they released and infographic detailing the three main reasons to move to a vegan lifestyle. There’ the health benefits, the environmental aspect and compassion to all animals. If you know someone on the edge of going vegan, this might be the perfect vegan infographic to nudge them over the edge.

vegan infographics

The Whole Food Vegan

If you love your cooking and food substitutes, this is handy to keep around. A vegan infographic showing the substitutes you can use for egg in everyday cooking.

vegan infographics

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