Vegan Jaden Smith Served CHEESE Pancakes

vegan jaden smith

Young and famous vegan, Jaden Smith, is livid after being served cheese pancakes at a hotel in Toronto. After being allegedly kicked out of his hotel room, he believes the hotel fed him the cheese in an attempt to ‘spike’ him.

Although perhaps a little overdramatic, Smith claims that he is “surprised I’m still alive”, and “made me want to throw up on myself”.

If this is true, then the hotel should most definitely be ashamed of themselves. I’m not sure who ever would think giving a vegan celebrity cheese would be a good idea in terms of PR, but I’m certain no vegans will be visiting anytime soon.

However, it could also be a huge misunderstanding. Jaden Smith may have simply been given the wrong meal, or the staff may not have known that he was a vegan. Either way, mistakes happen, and Jaden may be overreacting.

vegan jaden smith

Although no one will die from being given non-vegan food, it could definitely leave you feeling rubbish in many ways. Not only do you feel bad ethically, it could also leave you feeling ill. If you haven’t digested certain foods such as dairy for a long period of time, suddenly having it in your diet could leave you feeling nauseous.

Jaden Smith has apparently been a vegan since 2016, and has even been awarded the Environmental Media Association Award for his leadership and action on environmental issues. Pretty good going for a teenager!

Jaden’s strop on social media may come across as a little over the top, however, it is certainly justified. Whether malicious or not, restaurants and hotels should always be accommodating to their paying customers needs, whether they’re vegan or not. Especially so when it’s a celebrity, with millions of followers watching their every move.

Who eats cheese on pancakes anyway?


  1. The meal he ordered was pancakes with ricotta (the cheese was listed in the name of the dish) and, regular pancakes are not vegan…they are made with milk, eggs and butter.

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