Vegan Lewis Hamilton Is ‘Disgusted’ By Meat

lewis hamilton

In Lewis Hamilton’s latest interview with the BBC, he’s talked openly about his switch to a plant-based diet, and how he feels without animal products.

In arguably the best season he has driven in 11 years,┬áHamilton talked about how different he feels on a vegan diet, describing himself as feeling much ‘cleaner’.

“I do have more energy but before I had more than enough energy anyway. I just feel cleaner. I don’t feel bogged down, don’t have problems with my stomach like I used to have, just feel cleaner.”

Hamilton also told the interviewer how when he was around friends eating meat, he felt ‘disgusted’ by what was on their plates. He even goes so far as not eating at steak restaurants with friends, as he doesn’t want to support such a restaurant.

Lewis also described how the switch to veganism has been a long time coming. He gave up meat 2 and a half years ago, and stopped eating chicken at the beginning of the year.

He described how a documentary was the final push: “the final thing was seeing this one documentary. I’d seen a couple, but this one was, ‘OK, I’m done’.”

It’s fantastic to see that Lewis Hamilton is taking such an ethical approach to his veganism, and not simply doing it for the health benefits.

Seeing that he refuses to eat at cruel institutions such as steak houses shows that Lewis really understands the ethical implications of animal products, and we hope that continues to thrive on a vegan diet.

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