Vegan Lucy Watson Films Anti-Fur Video

lucy watson

Lucy Watson is pretty damn great. Not only does the MIC star advocate veganism regularly on her social media, she has also released a vegan cookbook and worked with PETA.

Now, vegan Lucy Watson has starred in an anti-fur video with Surge, and hopes to spread the word about animal cruelty.

Check it out below:

Lucy says:

“On fur farms the animals quite literally go insane, performing psychotic repetitive behaviors such as circling in their cages, cannibalism and self-mutilation.

“And if this wasn’t disturbing enough, the most common methods for killing these animals include anal electrocution, gassing, and crushing them and breaking their necks.”

It’s especially wonderful to see Lucy get behind anti-fur campaigns, seeing as many of her co stars are regular wearers of it.

Rosie Fortesque banned and blocked followers who called her out over promoting a fur brand on her Instagram, and Millie Mackintosh has also been spotted in many fur coats.

Lucy’s vegan cookbook, Feed Me Vegan, was released a few months ago and she has been continuing with her activism ever since.

She also called out the Bear Grylls show ‘Celebrity Island’, calling the stars on it ‘cruel’ for being excited over killing a frightened baby Caiman.

Good on you Lucy Watson, we look forward to seeing what you achieve!

Lydia is currently a 2nd year journalism student studying at the University of Leeds. While previously working at one of Singapore's leading lifestyle websites, she's now been covering vegan news since 2016. After going vegetarian for ethical reasons in 2015, she is a passionate vegan, who wants to ensure that animals are treated with love and compassion.

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