Vegan Makeup On Amazon

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Vegan Makeup On Amazon

Who’d have thought vegan make up would now be this easy to get your hands on? In fact, it’s so easy that you can get vegan makeup on Amazon, everyone’s friendly, online shopping giant. Here’s a list of some of the top selling vegan items you can get your hands on.

100% Natural Makeup Remover & Facial Oil

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Starting with the complete opposite. A vegan makeup remover. Foxbrim keeps it cruelty-free with their dual purpose cleansing and hydrating remover. Packed with ingredients such as grape seed, avocado and macadamia, the natural properties will have your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Click here to purchase the Foxbrim makeup remover.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit

vegan makeup on amazon aesthetica

When a contour and highlighting kit has over 930 reviews and 4 and a half stars on Amazon, you know it’s going to be some good stuff, in-fact some of the highest rated vegan makeup on Amazon. The kit includes 6 blendable, silky creams, complete with step by step instructions on how to get the perfect look.

Click here to purchase the Aesthetica kit.

SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral Brush Set

vegan makeup on amazon

Similarly with the contour kit, this brush set has an incredible track record with the reviews. 2,000 positive reviews is a big indictor that these get the job done. The brushes it features are: Powder, Foundation, Blush, Eye shadow, Concealer, lip, Spoolie, mascara and a dual eyebrow brush.

Click here to purchase the Shany brust set.

ACEVIVI 10 pcs Eco-friendly Makeup Kit

vegan makeup on amazon

Yet another vegan brush set. This time with a focus on being eco-friendly. Made with bamboo and vegan hair for the brushes, they’re anti-bacterial and a total of 10 brushes comes within the set, meaning a brush for all occasions. Included in the cute bag is one essential kabuki for your daily makeup, so you can keep it vegan and cruelty free everyday.

Click here to purchase the Acevivi brush set.


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