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The overwhelming news this week is the sheer number of celebrities moving to a plant-based diet. There’s no denying their fanbase is often huge and highly impressionable meaning that veganism is going to be on a lot more people’s minds!

In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Lewis Hamilton credits recent succes to veganism; Robbie Williams adopts a plant-based diet to battle his current illness; Benedict Cumberbatch has gone vegan; David Attenborough claims he’s stopped eating meat; Rainn Wilson AKA Dwight Schrute goes vegan; Some US prisons will now use a vegan diet to rehabilitate inmates; Study finds mushrooms are more filling than meat; World-class steakhouse introduces vegan menu; Welsh farmers concerned over rapid growth of veganism; Kat Von D teams up with Greenday for new vegan eyeliner.

Lewis Hamilton Credits Recent F1 Success To Being Vegan

lewis hamilton vegan

Formula 1 racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, has credited his recent win at the US Grand Prix to his change to a plant-based diet.

 “I feel the best I’ve ever felt physically and mentally,” Hamilton told media outlet City A.M.

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Robbie Williams Adopts A Plant-Based Diet To Recover From Illness

Robbie Williams has today announced he has been following a plant-based diet to tackle the illness he has had for the past five weeks.

The singer was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit at the end of his tour amid the development of his illness, being the first time since 1998 the singer has cancelled shows through illness.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Has Gone Vegan

A Twitter user is claiming that Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch has gone vegan. The tweet by Kate Louise Powell shows a Facebook post where a friend has broken the news.

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David Attenborough Claims He’s Stopped Eating Meat

david attenborough vegetarian

Sir David Attenborough has stopped eating meat because he “doesn’t care for it”, although the veteran broadcaster claims he still eats fish.

In an interview with the Radio Times, he said: “I’ve given up meat, not for ideological reasons, I just don’t care for it too much. I do eat fish. Poor fish.”

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Rainn Wilson AKA Dwight Schrute Goes Vegan

Dwight Schrute Goes Vegan

Rainn Wilson recently revealed on Instagram that he has been following a plant-based diet for the past 6 weeks.

He may be famous as a beet farmer, hunting lover and assistant to the regional manager but along with his wife, he’s decided to make the switch to being plant-based.

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US Prisons Will Rehabilitate Prison Inmates With A Vegan Diet

Pensylvania state prisons will begin transitioning inmates to a plant-based diet and measure changes in reported aggressive behaviour.

The trial will begin in November and will see 200 volunteer inmates eating a plant-based diet. Set up by retired State Trooper Matt Harris, the initiative is part of a larger program titled “The Redemption Project”.

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Study Finds Mushrooms Are More Filling Than Meat!


Many believe that eating a vegan diet means you never feel full, however, a new study uses mushrooms to prove that this is far from the truth.

According to VegNews, participants in a recent study who ate white button mushrooms twice per day felt more satiated than those who ate meat.

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World Class Steakhouses Introduce Vegan Menus!

world class steakhouse

World class steakhouses may not be the first thing to enter your mind when you think of veganism, however, many are making the switch.

According to One Green Planet, Skopelos in Florida is the latest steakhouse to add vegan items to its menu.

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Welsh Farmers Concerned Over Growth Of Veganism

welsh farmers

Vegan and especially dairy-free diets are putting the pressure on Welsh farmers, who are now concerned about the economic consequences of consumers choosing alternative products.

The Dairy Show chairman Colin Evans has stated the growth is worrying for the farming industry.

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Kat Von D Teams Up With Greenday For New Vegan Makeup

kat von d vegan makeup billie joe armstrong

Kat Von D has teamed up with Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday to create a new line of vegan eyeliner.

The Greenday frontman is known for his signature look which consists of a thick black eyeliner.

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