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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Lewis Hamilton goes vegan after watching What The Health; What happens to Florida’s captive animals during hurricane Irma?; Vegan cyclist hit and killed in hit and run; Natura Cosmeticos completes purchase of The Body Shop from L’Oreal; Lucy Watson films anti-fur video; Richard Branson predicts meat-free world in 30 years; Bierkeller introduces new vegan sausage; KFC agrees to meet campaigners over Shoreditch wall painting; Vegan drive-thru takes over Burger King location; Animal charity slams Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’; Nestle buys veggie meat company to expand healthy options.

Lewis Hamilton To Go Vegan After Watching What The Health

Lewis Hamilton. One of the biggest sports stars on the planet. Multiple Formula 1 World Champion and a highly popular character in sport. Now the star has announced he is set to go vegan.

lewis hamilton vegan

Yesterday evening, Hamilton announced via Instagram that he was to watch What The Health and start moving towards being completely vegan.

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Hurricane Irma – What Happens To Florida’s Captive Orcas?

hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma has been destroying towns both across the US and beyond, and it has now hit Florida. Not only does it deafen the climate change deniers who said events like this will never happen, it ruins both human and animal lives.

Florida is a tourist state, and makes millions off of its captive animals, whether that be in zoos or SeaWorld.

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Vegan Cyclist Killed In Tragic Hit And Run

vegan cyclist

Cycling can be a dangerous sport, especially when sharing the roads with careless drivers. Sadly, vegan cyclist Vicky Myers was tragically killed on the 27th August after being hit by a car that then failed to stop.

24 year old vegan cyclist Vicky had just completed the 1,000 mile ride from Lands End to John O’ Groats with her partner when she was hit by the car.

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Natura Cosmeticos Completes Purchase Of The Body Shop From L’Oreal

the body shop

Natura Cosmeticos have confirmed the takeover deal is now complete, with the deal valued at around £880 million. The Body Shop has seen declining revenue over recent years, while struggling against upcoming competitor, Lush.

Experts have speculated that this is down to customers are moving towards increased ethical shopping, and while the Body Shop is Cruelty Free International-certified, it was owned by L’Oreal, one of the largest testers of animals.

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Vegan Lucy Watson Films Anti-Fur Video

lucy watson

Lucy Watson is pretty damn great. Not only does the MIC star advocate veganism regularly on her social media, she has also released a vegan cookbook and worked with PETA.

Now, vegan Lucy Watson has starred in an anti-fur video with Surge, and hopes to spread the word about animal cruelty.

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Richard Branson Predicts Meat Free World In 30 Years

richard branson

Following Richard Branson’s investment in Memphis Meats, a ‘clean’ meat business, he believes the world will be meat free in 30 years.

Both Branson and Bill Gates invested up to $17 million into the business which grows ‘clean’ meat from animal cells.

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Bierkeller Introduces New Vegan Sausage!


You may or may not have heard of Bierkeller, the German themed chain, notorious for its huge drinks and German sausages. Doesn’t sound particularly vegan, however, a new vegan ‘wurst’ has arrived!

Made from wheat protein and smoked to give it that authentic flavour, the vegan German sausage has already been going down a treat with customers. They come from the company’s traditional German bratwurst suppliers, and aim to taste as authentic as possible.

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KFC Agrees To Meet Campaigners Over Shoreditch Wall Painting

Campaigners have painted a large, anti-KFC message onto a wall in East London. Now, KFC bosses have agreed to meet the activists.

The mural was created to encourage the fast food chain to improve animal welfare standards in their farms and is part of a World Animal Protection campaign.

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Vegan Drive-Thru Takes Over Burger King Location

plant power fast food vegan drive-thru

Plant Power Fast Food launched their second outlet last week, just north of San Diego. The new location is complete with a drive-thru window and takes over from a previous Burger King outlet.

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Animal Charity Slams Al Gore’s Documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

Rachel Krantz, head writer for Mercy for Animals, addressed the issue in an article entitled An Inconvenient Sequel Doesn’t Talk About Animal Agriculture—and That’s Absurd.

Krantz bumped into actor James Cromwell at a screening of the movie.

He said: “Besides the damage it does to the atmosphere from methane release, and the terrible torment of the animals, it is destroying us spiritually.

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Nestle Buys Veggie Meat Company To Provide More Healthy Foods

nestle buys sweet earth vegan

Fortune has reported that the largest food and beverage company in the world will acquire veggie food company, Sweet Earth. Nestle is another large corporation to add a veggie business to their portfolio to ensure future profitability.

Sweet Earth currently sells products such as artisan bowls, plant based ‘breakfast meats’, veggie burgers, ground meat and conveniently wrapped burritos. Their products can be found across the US in stores like Target and WholeFoods.

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