Vegan On A Budget- Top Tips

vegan on a budget

Vegan on a budget

Lots of vegans choose to lead a minimalist lifestyle, cutting back on all the unnecessary clutter in life. Ease and convenience is often the key and keeping costs down low is important to many. Here’s our top tips if you’re a vegan on a budget.

Buy a rice cooker

vegan on a budget

Rice cookers make everything easier. You simply throw the rice and water in, turn it on and forget about it. In 20 minutes you’ll have nice, sticky rice. If you’re hitting high carb it’s easy to get HUGE portions in even some of the smallest rice cookers.

If you’re after a rice cooker, I recommend this one. Has up to 8 cups and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Buy in bulk

Oats, pasta, rice, beans, fruit. These might all be staples of your diet. I recommend heading to a superstore that sells in bulk. Think Lidl for huge bags of pasta, a local oriental shop for big bags of rice, and a green grocer that will sell you bananas by the crate.

In doing so, you massively cut down on costs. Not to mention all the excess packaging and plastic from individual products!

Don’t get sucked into speciality foods

vegan on a budget

While the free-from sections in shops are great, it doesn’t mean you need to spend £50 a week on it. Keep the vegan chocolate, cheese and biscuits to the minimum and your wallet will thank you for it. While these are definitely VERY tasty, they’re often highly priced as they’re a specialty item.

Only buy what you need

There’s so much food wastage at the moment. Tons of food is scraped into our bins after every meal, it goes to waste but it really doesn’t need to. Only buy as much food as you need. Alternatively, if you’re heading out to a restaurant, take a small Tupperware box and bring home the leftovers, it’ll save you paying for a meal the net day!


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