Does Being Vegan On Tinder Help You Find Love?

vegan on tinder

Valentines has now been and gone, but Tinder will still be as busy as ever. Saying you’re vegan on Tinder might help show what you believe in, but as it turns out, it might actually help you score more dates.

PETA Australia recently did a bit of an experiment. They wanted to see who would get more right swipes, a self-proclaimed vegan or meat eater. As it turns out, the profile in which the users t-shirt said ‘vegan’ got TWICE as many swipes as the profile whose said ‘bacon’.

The vegan got 109 matches in a week, while the bacon guy only got 54.

He also got 11 messages, compared to the bacon eaters measly 3.

vegan on tindervegan on tinder

The accounts were like for like, with one showing him at the supermarket buying veg, and the other meat etc.

PETA UK copied this experiment, to see if it had the same effect on the other side of the world.

Their user, “Oliver”, created precisely the same kind of contrasting content that the PETA Australia user had used. Fantastically, the UK user got almost double the right swipes when his profile said that he was vegan. Turns out it isn’t just Aussie girls that love a vegan.

While in the meat-eating account he was on the beach holding a dead fish, in the vegan account he was on the beach playing with a dog.

vegan on tinder

With veganism often being regarded as ‘un-manly’, it’s amazing to see how women really view vegans on dating sites such as Tinder.

Ashley Fruno is PETA’s associate director of campaigns, and claims;

Any bacon-loving beefcake looking for love will find that there are plenty more fish in the sea if they go vegan,’

Girls are starting to realise compassion is much sexier than a guy simply declaring his love for a piece of murdered animal.


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