How Vegan Options Are Taking Over The UK High-street


Veggie Pret was only supposed to last a few months, its place in Soho has been made permanent. Zizzi’s vegan options are becoming some of their best sellers, and even restaurants known for selling meat are stepping up to the mark.

What does this show?

You know when you can walk into a Handmade Burger Company restaurant, choose from 5 vegan burgers and finish it off with a vegan Oreo milkshake, times are changing.

I used to go to Pizza Express because of their cheese less pizza, yet now I find myself at Zizzi’s, because they’ve seriously upped their game. These are some of the UK’s biggest chain restaurants, and they’re listening to us.

vegan options at zizzis

It’s adapt or lose out in this day and age, and adapting means going meatless.

There’s a reason the Veggie Pret is here to stay, and that’s because of the general public. With sales increasing by 70%, it screamed loud and clear in the faces of carnists who run these companies. Even Sir Paul McCartney emailed them to say thanks!

We want vegan options, and we want them now.

These chains thrive off of young people. Head into a Wagamamas or a Zizzi’s in its peak hours and it will be young working people or groups of teenagers/young adults. And these are the people that are aware. The people that are welcoming change, and are willing to try something new.


Over half a million people in the UK are now vegan, imagine if chain restaurants lost this many customers. Instead of simply ignoring the challenge, restaurants are actually stepping up to it, and helping veganism in the process.

I will always say to support local vegan restaurants first, and chains second. However, to make veganism more accessible and relatable it needs to be easy. This means not just ordering a side of chips and veg when you eat out with friends, which I had to do most meals when in Australia.

I’ve seen little cards like these on the Internet, and I think it would be amazing if we all bought a few.


Imagine the impact posting these each time you ate out would have! Places like Pret have thrived because of popularity, and showing other restaurants that you chose them because of their vegan options will only encourage them.

After eating out in both Singapore and Australia, I am so thankful for our options here.

Sure we may whinge and moan sometimes about food unnecessarily having butter in, but we really are the lucky ones. Eating vegan in Australia is very tricky, and very plain too. Singapore is pretty new to it too so the options are limited also.

Are vegan options here to stay?

We have vegan pizzas at TWO chain restaurants! Vegan milkshakes and burgers at popular burger restaurants! This is only the start of veganism becoming mainstream, and we all need to support it to make sure it continues to thrive.

Lydia is currently a 2nd year journalism student studying at the University of Leeds. While previously working at one of Singapore's leading lifestyle websites, she's now been covering vegan news since 2016. After going vegetarian for ethical reasons in 2015, she is a passionate vegan, who wants to ensure that animals are treated with love and compassion.

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