Vegan Options At UK Chain Restaurants


There’s more and more animal-free food popping up on local high streets. In fact, it’s pretty hard to miss it. Heading out with your friends and family is now made more easy with a number of vegan options at well-known, large chain restaurants.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express makes all it’s pizza bases dairy free and completely vegan so you can ask for any of the pizzas with certain toppings removed. Good news though! They now off a complete vegan option, the Pianta. Topped with artichokes, mushroom, spinach and rocket, it’s tasty as anything.


Zizzi’s #vegan pizza is to die for 🍕

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Zizzi made big news when they came out with a whole vegan menu earlier this year. Now offering pizzas topped with vegan cheese, sides, starters and desserts, it’s yet another top brand ‘veganizing’ it’s menu.

Pret A Manger

Pret have now announced fully vegan/vegetarian stores which is great news! However, you’ll also be able to find vegan options at their regular stores too. We’ve tried all of them now and can strongly recommend the Chakalaka Wrap and the Chana Chaat Flat Bread!


vegan options wagamama

Wagamamas has for a long time, had vegan options. They have everything from curries to Phad Thai. A regular place for vegans who wan to eat out with their meat-eating friends, there’s plenty on the menu we can eat. I recommend asking for the allergens menu, there’s no fuss and that way you can ensure everything’s how you like it. And trust us, you’ll like it (especially the gyoza).


yosushi vegan options

We haven’t tried Yo! Sushi just yet but we know for a fact they have some pretty damn good vegan options. Similar, to Wagamamas, they have gyoza, katsu curries and other vegan meals, meaning you wont be eating hungry when you’re next eating out.

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