Pamela Anderson Asks Naomi Campbell To Ditch Fur

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Vegan celebrity Pamela Anderson is a vegan hero and has penned an open letter for supermodel Naomi Campbell, who was recently seen wearing a fox fur coat.

Campbell wore a long coat made from red fox fur at the Manhattan Centre last week, with at least 12 animals dying for her coat to be made.

She wore the coat next to Sean Combs (rapper P. Diddy), who was also wearing a real mink stole.

Many have left comments on her Instagram, slating her for wearing such cruelty.

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Pamela Anderson has long been an animal advocate, following a vegan lifestyle, and openly speaking out against multiple celebrities who wear fur in public.

Those she has also penned letters to Kim Kardashian, Melania Trump and also to Canada Goose.

She said to a reporter: “So many animals were anally electrocuted for this coat and sometimes skinned alive,” she wrote.

“Naomi, I adore you. I wish you wouldn’t wear fur. People follow you. You are a fashion icon.

“This is heartbreaking. Please have a heart and lose the real fur.”

Fur is one of the most abhorrent and cruel industries imaginable. Not only is it completely unnecessary and worn by those who wish to prove their monetary wealth, it is brutal for the animals that are skinned and killed for their beautiful fur.

Naomi Campbell has no excuse to be wearing such an atrocious coat, as there are more than enough fur free alternatives.

Another vegan celebrity who has recently spoken out against fur is Lucy Watson, and her sister Tiffany. The vegan Made in Chelsea stars have worked with the Humane Society to demonstrate how to tell real fur from fake.

Lucy has also done lots of work with PETA in anti-fur campaigns.

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