BREAKING: Vegan Pizza To Hit Sainsbury’s Shelves THIS WEEK!

sainsbury's vegan pizza

It’s been announced that a ready-made vegan pizza is set to hit Sainsbury’s shelf by the end of the week.

Sainsbury’s will begin selling pizza from The White Rabbit Pizza Co. which is both gluten free and completely vegan!

The company has long provided organic and gluten free pizzas, however, have now designed a new range of vegan pizzas ready to take their place in Sainsbury’s stores across the nation.

It follows major supermarkets beginning to take veganism seriously with Sainsbury’s, only last year, releasing a large line of vegan cheese nicknamed ‘Gary’. 

The White Rabbit Pizza Co. vegan pizza is topped with dairy-free cheese, peppers and olives and will be available in 150 Sainsbury’s stores from the 27th of August, priced at £4.99 each.


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