Is Vegan Plane Food Good Enough?


Plane food isn’t renowned for being Michelin Star, but you at least hope for a meal with more than a few seconds of thought put into it. Luckily for vegans, there is almost always a vegan option you can pre book, but what are they really like? Is enough being done to ensure vegan plane food is good enough?

For me, it really depends on which airline you’re flying with. Hands down, British Airways always provide really decent quality vegan plane food. On a recent 13 hour flight, I got a breakfast with hash browns, beans, spinach and tomato, and then a pearl barley risotto for lunch.

vegan plane food
BA knows how to cook vegan!

vegan plane food

It was genuinely pretty delicious, and definitely the same standard as the meals others were eating. The risotto was of a creamy texture, and you could tell they had put some time and effort into creating meals that will be tasty.

Then, I flew on Cathay. For breakfast, I was given unidentifiable vegetables and sweet potato. Three types of veg, and that was that. It was cold, hard, and utterly flavourless. While others around me were getting eggs and chicken noodles, I had 3 types of veg. It was so disgusting my sister couldn’t even finish it.

vegan plane food
Seriously Cathay, WTF is this?

It honestly shows the lack of time and effort some airlines put into their vegan plane food. It’s clear that they didn’t know what to give for breakfast, so simply put whatever they could find. Why not experiment? Tofu is dirt cheap and can be made into a delicious tofu scramble. Beans, hash-browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, all vegan and all easy to cook!

The underlying issue with the majority of vegan plane food is the laziness surrounding it. Not enough effort is put into creating meals that passengers will genuinely enjoy. So while meat-eating passengers get a choice of chicken curry or spaghetti bolognese, I get given plain potatoes, carrots, green beans and mushrooms. No sauce or flavour in sight. (true story).

vegan plane food
The worlds driest, plainest food.

There are so many options flight companies could pursue! Vegetable curries are dirt cheap to create and packed with flavour. Risotto and veg style rice is also very easy. Why not create some pasta with a vegan sauce and some lentil bolognese? Again, cheap ingredients, and easy to cook.

I feel that after a year full of vegan break throughs, this is one area with large room for improvement. Potatoes and veg simply doesn’t cut it anymore. We’re not expecting Michelin star gourmet meals, just perhaps something other than plain veg next time?

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