Are Vegan Politicians The Way Forward?

vegan politicians

With rumours circulating around Jeremy Corbyn’s consideration of becoming a vegan, are vegan politicians and their attitudes that come with it the way forward?

Corbyn has been a vegetarian since the age of 20 after working on a pig farm and being distressed by what he saw.

He has also been a member of the League Against Cruel Sports since a teenager, and is venturing into the world of veganism as a result of the quality of food improving.

Labour MP Hillary Benn has also been a vegetarian for over 40 years, and regularly campaigns for animal rights.

Caroline Lucas of the Greens is also a long time vegetarian and recently accepted the challenge of trying veganism.

Serving MPs who are already vegan include:

“Labour MP Kerry McCarthy – who spent a year as shadow Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary after being appointed by Mr Corbyn despite being a vegan in 2015 – current shadow Wales Secretary Christina Rees is also a vegan, as is shadow minster Chris Williamson and new Labour MPDarren Jones”

So, is the future of Parliament vegan? It seems absurd that those with roles such as ‘Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ are not occupied by those who are aware of the environmental devastation that animal agriculture has on the planet.

It could also be argued that those who are compassionate when it comes to what they eat, will also be compassionate when it comes to parliamentary decision making.

Vegan politicians becoming the norm may be a while off, however is still a possibility.

Veganism affects everything, from the demand on the NHS to the health of our planet. We should have people that help ease this on an everyday basis making our decisions for us, not those whose actions directly cause harm.

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