Are Vegan Pregnancies Safe?


Veganism + pregnancy is one of the most highly debated aspects of being vegan, so are vegan pregnancies safe or not? Many non-vegans get in heated discussions for the health of the unborn child, with those who choose to maintain their beliefs while pregnant being shamed and ridiculed for the choice that they’ve made. Thousands of women have had thousands of healthy babies on a vegan diet, and no they don’t have 3 head or the so stressed about ‘protein deficiency’, and yes their B12 is fine.

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Everyone knows that when you get pregnant, you get a long list of foods you can and can’t eat. On the ‘naughty list’, you’ll find foods such as unpasteurized cheese, raw honey, fish restrictions, and beef cooked below 165 degrees Fahrenheit (because it could otherwise contain E. Coli). Notice anything? Oh yeah, all of these are not eaten on a vegan diet. But vegan diets when pregnant aren’t full of enough protein, right?

WRONG, surprise surprise you don’t just get your protein from meat. Beans, legumes, vegetables and seeds have even higher protein to calorie ratios than even the highest in protein meats, all without the nasty cholesterol, fat and cancer causing chemicals that come from eating meat. When 34 000 cancer deaths per year worldwide are attributable to diets high in processed meat, it’s clear that veganism is not the dangerous diet here, especially when nourishing an unborn child. Pregnant women only need around 60g of protein a day, a figure you could get enough of without even trying on a vegan diet.

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B12 and iron are two things every pregnant woman needs to make sure they get enough of, vegan or not. A large majority of non-vegan women take pre-natal supplements, as no-one wants to cause any harm to their unborn child, and if you’re vegan and worried then you can do the exact same. No it doesn’t mean your diet is worse than meat eaters, it means you are doing what any mother would do to ensure your child gets the best possible start in life.

Yes pregnant women need calcium, no they don’t need dairy, pus filled products! one cup of soy milk has 30% of the daily calcium needed for a pregnant woman, and that’s before enjoying any orange juice, leafy greens or tofu that will bring that up to 100% without even knowing it.

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So, are all vegan pregnancies safe?

Everything you can possibly need for a pregnancy nutrient wise, you can get without eating animal products. Google vegan pregnancies and you’ll see story after story of women with beautiful children who are living a compassionate and healthy way. To tell someone that what they’re doing is ‘disgusting’ or purposefully harming their child is ridiculous and cruel. Many choose to be vegan because of the health benefits, and to say someone wants to do something against the health of their child? That’s just plain stupid.

No you don’t have a right to judge women who raise vegan children or have vegan pregnancies, because the ‘are vegan pregnancies safe’ question you’ve so desperately wanting to know the answer to it here. A big. Fat. Yes. Instead of thinking you’re the pregnancy guru who clearly knows what’s best for a mother and her child, when in reality you know nothing about the subject, educate yourself. So if you’re a vegan wanting to know about how to make vegan pregnancies safe or are just interested in the subject, there is a fountain of knowledge online that will give you all the answers you need.

No you don’t need to eat decaying flesh to get the protein you need, and neither do you need to steal another animals breast milk to nourish your unborn child. Everything you could need is out there!

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