Vegan Preschool To Open In The USA

vegan preschool

Ever thought about sending your children to a completely vegan preschool? Well, now you can. If you live in Cincinnati at least.

Heärt Montessori is set to open next year and will provide private education in an exclusively vegan environment. The

The school’s teachings will be based upon techniques developed by Italian educator Maria Montessori, which emphasizes building self-esteem and compassion through meditation and yoga, while simultaneously focusing on a traditional academic curriculum.

vegan preschool

“It’s not that other schools don’t teach empathy and compassion, but we wanted it to be the focus,” Cadwell said.

“Optimally, we’ll be cooking food that we grow in season. We’ll have healthy, plant-based meals that are organic and amazing.”

The school will also encourage children to interact with rescued animals at the nearby Jubilee Animal Sanctuary—which currently houses rescued horses but plans to expand to include farmed animals such as cows, goats, and pigs.

vegan preschool

Have you heard about James Cameron’s new vegan movie?

This isn’t the first vegan school to open in the USA. James Cameron and his wife, Suzy, run a vegan school based in California The MUSE school was the first in the country to become fully vegan and opened in 2015.


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