Vegan Pro Wrestler, Austin Aries, Slams The Current Food System

austin aries

Professional wrestler, Austin Aries, is a well-known vegan, environmentalist and animal activist. In his new book “Food Fight: My Plant-Powered Journey From the Bingo Halls to the Big Time,” professional WWE wrestler Austin Aries questions everything, especially what’s on our plates.

There’s now a lot of vegan athletes!

“I was subscribing to conventional wisdom – meat for protein to build muscle, and that chicken is ‘better’ for me than red meat,” he says. “I remember the day when I looked at it all and said, ‘This is disgusting. I’m done.”

austin aries

It all became clear in that moment in 2000 he says, that the cruelty, the effects on the planet, and the health risks, were inseparable from eating animals. It would be another few years before Aries went from vegetarian to vegan, but he says living this way now is a “no-brainer.”

“We live in a corporate food system that does not have our best interest at heart whatsoever,” he says. “We need to wake up and educate ourselves.”

“Why would you give corporations and the government the benefit of the doubt? What have they done to earn that trust?” he ponders in the book.

“If you’re going to navigate your way through all the misinformation being thrown your way as a consumer, you have to learn to see past all the dirty tricks,” he writes in the book. “And to do that, you need to get a real education about nutrition—the one you should have gotten in school.”

austin aries

“There’s enough data that supports the short and long-term health benefits of a plant-based diet,” says Aries. And, it’s worth it, he says, even if it requires extra effort, “the trade-off is pretty clear, and I’m performing at every bit the level of the meat-eaters.”

“All protein comes from plants in its original form,” says Aries, “and it makes sense the body breaks down amino acids and rebuilds them just the same.”

Having high profile vegan sportspeople only helps the movement. People that genuinely care about the environment, animals and their health only supports the message that we don’t need to be eating animals.

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