Vegan Protestors Take Over Trafalgar Square


Vegan protestors have taken over Trafalgar Square, covering themselves in fake blood and protesting about the ongoing speciesism facing animals.

Speciesism is defined as ‘an ideology that considers the lives and interests of animals as not worthy of respect simply because they belong to another species’.

Organised by Direct Action Everywhere, the bikini clad protestors lay on the ground in packaging and drew in huge crowds.

The packaging was covered in stickers such as ‘humane’ and ‘free range’, designed to get onlookers to think twice about whether these labels really mean anything.

vegan protestors

Other protestors stood nearby with signs and leaflets, ensuring that those attracted by the sights are also informed.

One of the vegan protestors explained;

“We as vegans want to show other people there’s a compassionate way to live and how to treat animals.

‘We want to stop this animal cruelty, we want to stop the meat trade, the fur trade, the leather trade, and we want to show people there’s a way of living without animal products.”

The protest comes just days before the official animal rights march is due to take place, on Sunday the 2nd of September. Thousands of vegans and animal activists are expected to attend, protesting against the horrific abuse millions of animals face every year.

It’s amazing to see London become such a hotbed for animal activism, and with protests popping up left right and centre, I expect there will be many more in the near future.

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