Vegan Sales at Zizzi’s Up 246% in 2017!

sales at zizzi's

Zizzi was almost a trailblazer when it came to introducing vegan options onto the UK high street, and now it is reaping the rewards. Sales at Zizzi’s of their vegan options have reportedly enjoyed a 246% increase since the beginning of 2017.

Sales data from the high street chain reveals that they have sold 166,451 vegan meals since the summer alone.

Zizzi introduced vegan items to its menu in 2016, with its lentil ragu, spaghetti pomodoro and margherita pizzas. By the end of the year, their sales of vegan options had increased by 150%!

The new data on sales at Zizzi’s showed that sales of vegan pizza were up 104%, and that sales of vegan desserts in 2017 had increased tenfold. 

According to KamCity: “Zizzi examined the sales data of its vegan dishes as part of its ongoing commitment to providing the most varied menu on the high-street, as the Italian restaurant chain’s wide variety of dishes cater for vegans, vegetarians, non-gluten and non-dairy eaters.”

It’s amazing to see that Zizzi are doing well by catering to vegans, and that it likely means they will include more options in the near future.

It was risky of them to introduce vegan items way back in 2016, but it’s clearly paying off. They were the first major chain to introduce a mozzarella alternative, as well as to introduce a full vegan menu.

Now, high street chains such as Pizza Express, Ask Italian and Nandos have all followed suit, demonstrating that the demand for vegan items is out there.

Zizzi’s marketing director, Jo Fawcett, has said: “At Zizzi, we pride ourselves on creating great dining experiences for all by providing a menu that caters for everyone. We aim to take the stress out of dining to ensure good times for all.”

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