Vegan School Lunches Prove A Big Hit In LA


Starting in January, a menu of 10 rotating vegan meals will be available to thousands of school children across Los Angeles.

Every School In New York Will Add Vegan Option

The scheme began as a pilot program to gauge the interest in having accessible vegan options in elementary, middle and high schools. It took place in 7 educational institutions and has been met with a positive reception.

According to Vegnews, since the launch of the trial program, schools have sold 31,204 vegan lunch options, which initially included chili, tamales, and soy-based teriyaki burgers.

“The data clearly shows that a sufficient number of students desire vegan options in addition to the regular lunch menu,” LAUSD Food Services Director Joseph Vaughn said. Vaughn also revealed he would be developing a total of 10 dishes for the 35 more schools adopting the scheme.

Kiki Tarrant, cafeteria manager at Roosevelt High School, one of the first to adopt the program said: “I’ve needed two times what we had, they are asking for vegan now. Students are paying more attention to what they eat.”

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