Vegan Student Has Horses Heart Left On Doorstep

vegan student

An Australia vegan university student has been harassed and bullied, due to her veganism. Although many of us may face taunts for eating plant based, vegan student Melis Layik has had organs thrown at her in her sleep, and a horses heart left on her doorstep.

The same bully has called her a ‘stupid vegan’, and harassed Melis as much as 5 times over a 9 day period. She also had chicken mince smeared over her bedroom door.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Ms Layik had told the university about what had happened, yet nothing had been done about it.


vegan student
The horses heart left on the students doorstep.

Ms Layik has spoken about her experience, explaining that it was ‘terrifying’.

‘One night he climbed into my room at 3am while I was sleeping and threw meat and offal at me.’

‘In many messages and posts he mentioned my veganism and referred to me as a “stupid vegan”.’

‘It seemed to be a random series of attacks which made it all the more upsetting and confusing.’

At the time of Ms Layik’s interview with the Daily Mail, the university had apparently closed the matter three weeks prior.

vegan student
Chicken mince smeared on her door.

For a vegan student to be harassed and bullied in such a way is completely unacceptable.

Not only is this talking about someone online, this is invading someones private space, and making them feel unsafe.

I fear for the mental stability of the individual who thinks it’s acceptable to go into a females room at night and attack her with pieces of meat.

Just last week we learnt about a teenage boy who was mercilessly teased at the hands of bullies because of his veganism, and who ultimately committed suicide as a result of this.

The university at hand needs to take these actions seriously, and look into the aggressive and disturbing nature of the boy who has acted in this way.

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