Vegan Supermarket In London Now Open!

vegan supermarket

Shopping as a vegan isn’t the easiest of tasks. Whether it’s sifting through the Free From section to find what is actually vegan, or simply scanning ingredients like your life depends on it. Luckily for all those in London, this can be a thing of the past. A vegan supermarket has finally opened, and is waiting for you to explore it!

GreeBay has opened as London’s first 100% vegan supermarket, with over 1,000 products on sale. New items are being added every week, and even do free home delivery if your order is over £55!

This vegan supermarket is also situated in what sounds like a buzzing vegan community. It can be found next to two vegan restaurants, and a vegan pizza shop!

vegan supermarket

If you fancy visiting the closest thing to vegan heaven, you’ll have to head over to West Kensington. The closest tube station is West Brompton, or West Kensington.

Some of the products on offer include:

  • meats
  • cheese
  • alcohol
  • ice cream
  • household items

A vegan supermarket like this is exactly what London needs. Sure we have Whole Foods, but majority of things in there aren’t vegan! London is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, so finally including a vegan supermarket is the next logical step forwards.

vegan supermarket

GreenBay has said that they’re looking forward to opening more branches in the next few years. So if you’re no where near this one, don’t panic!

Don’t forget that they also do worldwide delivery, so you can enjoy their vegan goods without even having to leave your home.


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