Vegan Supper Club Singapore

vegan supper club singapore

Fancy trying your hand at some raw vegan cooking? What better way than to head along to Theresa’s vegan supper club!

Held on the 16th September, you’ll learn how to make your own three-course vegan meal with a bunch of other friendly vegans.

For more details check out the event page or see below.

Vegan Supper Club Singapore 

After its launch in Switzerland, the Supper Club comes to Singapore to offer a raw vegan cooking workshop and dinner party!

Come and learn how to prepare no-cook/plant-based dishes, taste new flavours and make fun connections.

The three-course tasting menu draws its inspiration from Japanese cuisine.

Starter: rainbow maki with cauliflower rice, nori sheets, creamy avocado and colourful veggies.

Main: build-your-own-ramen with dried shitake/kombu/ginger broth and a choice of toppings (daikon and carrot noodles, green onion, red chili, garlic, hakusai, spinach, etc).

Pudding: black sesame ice cream.

vegan supper club

Sup’ clubbers will gather at Theresa’s. They will prepare the meal in the kitchen before feasting together in the sky garden. They will each leave will a full tummy, new knowledge – and perhaps new friends – as well as recipe cards.

Number of places available: 8.

Sign-ups: until 9 September 2016 by e-mail (theresahelke(at)

Length: 3 hours.

Venue: Theresa’s place. Address upon signing up.

Time: 7pm.

Date: Friday 16 September 2016.

Price: SGD 40.

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