2016 Vegan Survey Makes For Interesting Read

vegan survey

A recent vegan survey published on Vomad has attempted to document some statistics about the vegan population and why most people go vegan. The survey was only conducted in Australia and was taken by 726 participants.

The survey shows that the vegan lifestyle is still heavily dominated by women (however, this is rapidly changing). Perhaps the most surprising stat was that only 2.5% of people turned vegan because of street activism.

Vomad produced a nice concise summary which you can read below, if you’d like to read the full results, click here! 

Vegan Survey
What reason was most important to you when you went vegan?
  • Taken by 726 vegans living in Australia.
  • 80% of vegans are females
  • 80% of vegans are under 40
  • The main reason people go vegan is ethics for the animals.
  • Approximately 50% of vegans were already vegetarians before going vegan.
Vegan Survey
What diet did you follow before eating vegan?
  • 88% of the vegans participated have been vegan for less than 5 years.
  • 37% were influenced to go vegan by a friend or a family member, 28% from the Internet and social media and only 2.5% from public activism.
  • Earthlings and Cowspiracy are the two most influential documentaries in making people go vegan.
  • “The best speech you will ever hear” by Gary Yourofsky was the most influential YouTube video in making people go vegan.
  • Talking to activists in the streets and receiving leaflets was the most effective form of public activism.
Vegan Survey
What was the main influencer to go vegan?
  • 60% of participants said they have influenced or convinced someone to go vegan.
  • The majority of people who were influenced by someone or have influenced someone to go vegan said very similar things about their experience, their advice was:
    • Lead by example, show them, cook for them, take them to places, be gentle, don’t be pushy, tell facts and use logic, provide information and recommendations and don’t tell them what to do.

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