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Asia is great, great food, great people and great cycling. Vegan and worried about travelling to Asia? Don’t worry, we’re giving you some of our top asian food tips if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods.

If you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it

It’s exactly what it says it is. In Asia you sometimes find yourself having to negotiate a fairly difficult language barrier. You may ask what’s in the dish or try to confirm it has no egg in it, but, when it arrives there’s bits and bobs in there that could frankly be anything. Best to steer clear of this one and grab some simple rice and soy sauce to tide you over or snack on some of the amazing fruits Asia has to offer.

asian food
A vegetable that looks like chicken you say? Think I’ll steer clear of this one and grab some rice…

Fruit is incrEDIBLE

Nothing beats the fruit you find in Asia. The further away you travel from the source the worse the taste gets, Asian fruit isn’t just edible- it’s by far the best in the world. While spending any time in Asia take your time delving into as much fruit as you can get your hands on! Even better if you haven’t heard of it before, there are so many delicious fruits to be tasted.

A word of advice- if you’re into your fruit then head down to the local market and buy by the crate as opposed to a bag or two and then coming back in a few days, it works out way cheaper and is much more economical. Click here to find a list of Asian fruits you’ve never heard of!

thai fruit market
The things I would do to have all that fruit at my fingertips!

Many places have a whole vegetarian (vegan) menu

Especially in Thailand. I’m guessing it’s because the main religion in Thailand is Buddhism and so many choose to eat a vegetarian diet which means a large majority of all restaurants also have an additional vegetarian menu. The problem that is becoming more and more of a pain is that a lot of restaurants are now trying to ‘westernize’  themselves to satisfy white-boy tourists. This means only offering steak and chips, chicken burgers and other gross shit. This is where the vegetarian menus start to disappear so I would say always try to stick to the restaurants that are more Asian focused.

Bread is not so simple

Not so long ago it used to be easy to find vegan bread but living in Asia for the past 8 years I have found that there is some new craze about ‘enriching’ bread. No longer do we have just normal bread, we have the new-extra-special-bulshit-enriched bread which contains more calcium. Calcium means milk powder e.g. some cows titty juice and pus. No thanks. If you’re in the market for some bread your best bet is to find a local vegan bakery on or by just using Google.

meme about bread and being vegan in asia
Sadly becoming more and more true.

It’s incredibly cheap

Asia is pennies. You can find yourself  easily eating for under $5 a day if you try hard. I’ve often found myself having an amazingly huge plate of rice and vegetables for breakfast and it’s cost me next to nothing. Rice for breakfast is the best.  In Singapore fruit is crazy expensive for what you actually get- surprising considering how close we are to the source. Comparatively, when grabbing fruit from any market across the more typical Asia, you can find fruit at incredibly low prices and plus, it’ll be way better than that supermarket shit you bought last week. Don’t forget, buy in bulk.


Lets face it, if you’re vegan and in Asia, you’re pretty much in paradise. I’ve never come accross such an easy place to be vegan where the food is incredible and you barely have to spend a dime.


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