Travelling As A Vegan- The Essentials

travelling as a vegan

Travelling as a vegan

Travelling as a vegan can be particularly hard for some, these are people that usually over complicate it and make it harder than it is. It’s dead easy once you get the hang of it but if you need a helping hand then check out our top tips!

Pack heavy

If you’re ever taking a flight somewhere, be it long or short distance make sure to always take some food with you. Nuts and dried fruit are good and easy to carry but if you want something more substantial then I would suggest bringing something from home- let’s face it, plane portions aren’t even a snack size. Don’t be modest either, pack your bags to the gills with food if it’ll stop you from getting hungry, there’s nothing worse than having to spend a journey with not being able to eat anything.


If you’ve got a flight to catch and have a meal included in your package then make sure to check in and choose your food selection. Most airlines typically have a vegan option and often even the vegetarian branded option is also vegan. This’ll ensure you don’t have to sit there starving for a couple of hours until you can find some decent vegan food.

7-11 is king

Now this may come as a surprise and is quite specific but 7-11 stores in Thailand carry a fairly large amount of vegan food. I know it’s not the pinnacle of health but in some stores they sell ready made meals and all you have to do to prepare it is stick it in the microwave. I’ve had mixed feelings about these over the past few years, sometimes they taste like shit but sometimes they’re a gift from heaven- guess it all depends on how hungry you are!

Soy saves all

Across Asia you often get local street food which has been doused in a fish sauce. It often turns out that they have no other alternative to use. This means it’s a good idea to always carry around a small bottle of soy sauce in your bag meaning that you can substitute the fish sauce for some vegan-friendly soy.

Learn the lingo

Don’t get caught out deep in a new country where English speakers are few and far between. Make sure you’ve learnt some basic phrases/questions that you can ask to make sure the dish you’ll be getting is vegan. Phrases like “Is there egg/butter/meat/fish in it?” work well and are usually fairly basic to learn. You can also tell them that you’re allergic which will increase your chances of eating a good vegan meal. A wise tip here would be to write all the phrases down on your phone so that way you always have them to hand.


If you’re heading abroad for a holiday then sometimes it’s better (cheaper occasionally too) to book a room/apartment with a small kitchen. This way all you have to do is head down to the local market and you’ll be able to cook yourself. This is perfect if you’re planning on being somewhere for a long duration, I’ve found I get fed up by the insane amounts of oil soaking the food when I eat out all the time. If you need some easy recipe ideas click here.

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