Who Are The Vegan Vandals? Is What They’re Doing Right?

vegan vandals

Vegans aren’t exactly notorious for being tough, so the ‘Vegan Vandals’ isn’t quite the most menacing nickname in the world. However, they have been vandalising nature reserves in Herts, spreading the vegan message.

I love the vegan chalk artwork, however, I do think that what the Vandals are doing isn’t responsible at all. No one likes graffiti, especially when it’s sprawled messily in Sharpie on public land.

Chalk artwork gets the message across, without breaking any rules, and without pissing anyone off. Is there honestly anyone out there who thinks people will take messily scribbled graffiti seriously?

There are so many effective ways to promote veganism out there, and sadly, this isn’t one of them.

vegan vandals

However, everything that they’re saying is true. There’s nothing vulgar or ridiculous about their content, and it is getting people talking.

One passerby felt compelled to write an entire page response to the vegan vandals, and the response is horrific. It’s honestly, some of the worst arguments against veganism I’ve ever seen.

They believe that:

vegan vandals

People like this will never change their ignorant opinions, however at least the Vegan Vandals are getting them to think, and talk about veganism.

The Vandals are however vandalising an animal reserve, something which doesn’t make much sense at all. Time and money that could be spent otherwise are instead used to clear up the graffiti.

Go to Earthlings experiences, campaign online, create chalk artwork, just don’t vandalise! It doesn’t paint vegans in a positive light at all and just makes us seem even more annoying, yes, it’s possible!

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