Veganism In America Skyrockets 300% | 6 Percent Now Vegan


The latest report indicates that 6% of Americans now identify as vegan, an increase of 600% over just 3 years.

The report looked at 6 different trends influencing food manufacturer’s innovations.

Top of the list was cutting out meat from the diet. The report says: “Rising veganism and awareness of the impact of meat consumption are driving demand for meat-free products substitutes.”

Google search trends paint the picture.

The report also went on to say: “With meat consumption being continually blamed for negative effects on the environment, lab-grown meat may make its way into the mass market to combat these concerns. It also represents a cruelty-free option.”

While the US was the focus of the report, they detailed some findings from Germany. The report showed that 44 percent of German consumers now follow a ‘low meat’ diet – another huge increase from 2014’s stat of 26 percent.

While these stats are hugely promising, we can expect them to be slightly inflated beyond the exact representation of vegans within society.

Veganism is currently on trend. As more people open their eyes to the harsh realities of eating meat and animal products, they have made conscious food choices. Many are cutting out meat, replacing dairy milk with soy milk or removing animal products altogether.

The trend is likely to continue snowballing in the next few years as we see further large developments in the vegan movement.


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