Veganism Is Considered Un-Masculine And We’re Making It Worse


Women are more likely to become vegan than men, but why is that?

Veganism and masculinity shouldn’t be linked, however, they often are. They are two completely different things. Being compassionate and kind to animals shouldn’t be linked exclusively to women.

Is there a reason why men seem to be more obsessed with meat, or an explanation as to why it is often associated with masculinity? Alex Bove seems to think so.

“Meat and masculinity are intimately connected, and meat eating is also related to the oppression of women. Just as we dissect non-human animals’ bodies into cuts of meat, we dissect and fetishise women’s body parts. Studies have consistently shown that violence against animals is correlated with violence against women…the power relations that characterise patriarchal gender norms are reinforced by the imperative of male (masculine) meat consumption.”  – Alex Bove, Founder of Talk like a Man.

Bove is stating that men feel a sense of power when sexualising women, the same way that they do when eating meat. 

Hypermasculine men like to relate veganism with masculinity by making comments such as, “Eat like a bull”. Well, not to be a party pooper, but bulls eat a vegan diet.

Some of the world’s largest and strongest animals survive on a herbivorous diet, including Rhinoceroses, Elephants, and Hippopotamuses.

They’re so malnourished, right?!

The link between masculinity and veganism isn’t being helped when there are food companies bullying their customers into thinking that they need meat to be a real man.

Burger King made an incredibly annoying advertisement called “I Am Man” to sell their Texas Double Whopper.

The man sings how he cannot ‘settle for chick food’, and bursts out of the restaurant, progressively joined by more men who all take the Texas Double Whopper in their hands.

I am man, hear me roar,

In numbers too big to ignore,

And I’m way too hungry to settle for chick food!

Cause my stomach’s starting to growl,

And I’m going on the prowl,

For a Texas Double Whopper!

“Man that’s good!”

Oh, yes, I’m a guy!

I’ll admit I’ve been fed quiche!

Wave tofu bye-bye!

Now it’s for Whopper beef I reach.

I will eat this meat

(Eat this meat)

‘Till my innie turns into an outie!

I am starved!

I am incorrigible!

And I need to scarf a burger beef bacon jalapeno good thing down!


I am hungry!

(I am hungry)

I am incorrigible!


Looking at the highlighted lyrics, it is understood that REAL men eat meat, but weak women eat quiche and tofu, also known as “Chick food”.

According to Burger King, the Texas Double Whopper will give you manly muscles and put hairs on your chest! Correction: You’ll get high cholesterol and cancer.

There are so many beneficial reasons why men should go vegan, this includes:

  • Vegan men live longer
  • Vegan men have less erectile dysfunction
  • Vegan men can cook
  • Vegan men are compassionate (sexy)
  • Vegan men have glowing skin
  • Vegan men are more fit
  • Vegan men have a more attractive scent
  • Finally, vegan men have higher levels of testosterone

To conclude this, it is understandable why being masculine is such a big deal for many men. Men are pressured to fit in and be as “big” as possible.

The feeling that vegan food is “chick food” or not as filling as meat needs to be stopped. Be compassionate to animals and that’s the sexiest and manliest thing you could ever do in your life.

Guest Post

Phoebe Ruberto is a passionate copywriter, blogger & photographer who was introduced to the vegan lifestyle in April 2016 and has no plans to go back.

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