Veganism Is The Cheapest Diet | Here’s Why

veganism is the cheapest diet

You’ve forever been told that eating vegan is ‘simply too expensive’ and that it’s unaffordable for those less wealthy. Well I’m here to tell you thats a crock of shit. Eating and living vegan is arguably the cheapest way to live, in fact it’s how those in the most rural and desolate environments live. This is why veganism is the cheapest diet.

If we think to the staples of a vegan diet we have grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. If you’re a meat eater then this might be very similar except you’re likely to eat less fruit and vegetables and instead replace them with meat.

veganism is the cheapest diet

Here’s what I eat on a regular day, keep in mind I drink about 3 litres of water on top of that so don’t waste money on drinks like coffee and tea.


Bowl of oats and a whole ton of sugar: around 55p per bowl.


Serving of rice and veg + sautéed potatoes: £1.45


A whole pack of noodles, + half a pack of frozen vegetables: £2.67

Total: £4.67 per day. 

Pretty cheap eh?

If  you started throwing meat into those meals the daily spend on food would go up significantly and you’d be looking at well over £10 a day. Veganism is the cheapest diet by far.

When a single meal at McDonalds costs what I can eat in an ENTIRE day, then how can you say veganism is expensive?

Boxes of bananas, mangoes and other delicious fruit vary in price according to where you are in the world. However, you’ll almost always be able to find a nice big box of bananas at incredibly cheap prices.

veganism is the cheapest diet

Perhaps the main reason people associate eating vegan and it being expensive is because they associate the two with special health stores and ‘free-from’. I’d say only a handful of vegans regularly use specialist stores to purchase the food.

Of course, if you start adding in vegan chocolate, ice cream, cheese etc then the price will shoot up. However, veganism on the most basic and most healthy level represents the cheapest way to live (bar dumpster diving).

Remote communities in Asia and Africa have been living off of grains, rice and vegetables for their staple meals for centuries. They also have some of the lowest rates of disease and obesity in the world.

The fact of the matter that veganism is the cheapest diet. Rice, vegetables, grains and fruit are the cheapest foods on earth. The only reason it becomes more expensive is if you begin to add speciality foods. Unfortunately, meat-eaters and omnis try to use this as an excuse for not going vegan themselves.


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