Report: Veganism Will Change Food Industry Forever In 2018

Big companies are taking notice.

food industry will change forever vegan

Food industry experts agree that plant-based diets will change the food industry forever, with established brands being forced to change their ways.

Foodnavigator recently published a report highlighting a number of predictions for the food market in 2018. The report included a variety of industry experts and discussed forecasted changes to the food industry in 2018.

UK Public Now Consumes 50 Percent Less Beef

“The rising number of vegans and how fashionable the cuisine now seems to be—big companies are taking notice,” GlobalData consumer analyst Ronan Stafford said.

While Katya Witham, food and drink analyst at market research firm Mintel, backed up Stafford’s beliefs: “The number of vegan options will increase in both supermarkets and restaurants.”

“Veganism is now seen as a trendy lifestyle,” Witham said. “Today, vegan products attract attention from a much wider audience, namely health and ethically driven, flexi-vegan consumers.” 

Vegan Cheese Market Set To Be Worth $4 Billion By 2024

2017 saw a number of new plant-based and vegan start-ups forge new markets and gain considerable market share, meanwhile, the established corporations of old took notice and began implementing vegan options.

Pizza Hut launched vegan cheese in restaurants across the UK while leading supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco continued to push the boundaries of accessible vegan foods.

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