Should Vegans Guilt Trip Those Who Eat Meat?

vegans guilt trip

A recent article on the Daily Mail features a vegan plastering posters across a supermarket on the truth behind where meat and dairy comes from. Branded a crazy activist with nothing better to do, should vegans guilt trip others into changing their diet?

Note, that the posters this man was putting up were not highly explicit. This isĀ an example of what he was using:

vegans guilt trip

Cue comments such as this;

While his thought is good, i feel going for vegetarianism or veganism should be natural process and not emotional blackmail. I know of a few people who just gave up eating meat because they felt it was a good healthy choice and had nothing to do with animal rights. They just grew out of it.

Is this emotional blackmail? I hardly think that showing shoppers the truth as to where their food comes from counts as blackmail. You don’t say the same to those protesting against racism, political decisions or climate change do you?

Whether vegans guilt trip others into not eating meat or not, the issue is not with the vegan. They don’t force you to feel guilty about your actions, that guilt is personal. You feel guilty because you know that what you’ve done is wrong, not because someone forced you to feel that way.

vegans guilt trip

If people truly didn’t care about animals, there wouldn’t be this furore around a man putting some posters up. Being shown the truth about your poor decisions is enough to make anyone blame someone else for that feeling of guilt.

For people who say guilt tripping achieves nothing, I don’t think that people will be likely to change unless they first know that what they’re doing is wrong. Are you likely to stop a lifestyle you feel ethically fine about?

If just a few people left that supermarket thinking a little deeper about their choices, then those posters were worth it.

If you feel guilty, that is your issue and not the activists.


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