Why Some Vegans Think Killing Unborn Children Is OK


The pro-life versus pro-choice battle when it comes to abortions is not one that will be solved anytime soon. When it comes to issues with grey areas, this is the darkest of them all. So, when veganism is a social justice movement focused on not using or killing animals for any reason, why do a large majority consider abortions okay?


Majority of vegans are young

A large percentage of vegans are millennials or younger, meaning they’re much more likely to be open-minded and liberal with their views. With this youth comes the chance that they’re also less religious than older peers, so may not lean towards the pro-life argument.

Abortions are different to consuming animals

Abortions are a complete polar opposite to the animal agriculture business. First off, in the US in 2012 there were less than 700,000 documented abortions. In the same year,  9 BILLION animals were killed for agriculture.

Secondly, murdering animals in cold blood for us to enjoy their taste, is not the same as deciding not to have a child. Abortions are carried out on foetuses, with the permission of a consenting adult. They take place in sterile and safe conditions, and can occur for a number of reasons.

Whether the child would be sick, is a result of rape, or would be the child to parents who do not want children, deciding to abort a child is a hard decision. It’s hardly the same as deciding to eat bacon in the morning.


The Planet is already over-populated

We have over 7 billion people on this earth already, and it’s growing. According to the WHO, there are between 40-50 million abortions every year across the world.

Compared to animal deaths this is minuscule, imagine if every woman who got pregnant HAD to have their child. Add on an extra 50 million people to the world each year, and numbers will sky-rocket.

These babies will need resources, food and land, something the world is running out of. Not to mention, will be children of parents for one reason or another didn’t intend to have a child. Frankly, a recipe for disaster.

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, it’s your decision

Whether or not you agree in abortions is your own business, what you decide to do won’t affect anyone other than yourself. This is of course completely different to eating meat, as animal agriculture contributes to 51% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions.

You can be a vegan who believes in either, and it’ll be fine with it. Whether or not you have a child is a deeply personal and sensitive decision, and to compare it to slaughtering animals for our convenience is offensive and wrong.

The day you have to think about buying a bacon sandwich as much as you would when considering an abortion, is the day you can even start comparing the two.

Choosing not to bring a baby into this world is not the same as eating meat.

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