Veggie Pret Set To Be Launched In Hong Kong

It will be the fourth Veggie Pret location.


After launching three locations in the UK, Pret a Manger will launch a branch of their Veggie Pret in Hong Kong, where plant-based diets are increasing in popularity.

The Hong Kong outlet will be the first overseas branch of Veggie Pret, which Pret a Manger originally trialed in 2016.

Pret Launches Spring Menu With Vegan Cookie

Pret a Manger Hong Kong teased the launch on social media earlier this week and finally confirmed the news earlier today.

The concept began when Pret a Manger launched a one month trial of Veggie Pret in London in 2016.

In the first week of Veggie Pret launching, the outlet turned 70 percent profits after it was predicted profits would, in fact, fall by 30 percent. The outlet proved so popular that over the course of the next two years the chain launched another two Veggie Pret’s in London.

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