Virgin Trains Launch Hot Vegan Breakfast

The service also intends to add more vegan options in the future.

virgin trains launches vegan breakfast

British train company Virgin Trains has launched a cooked vegan breakfast on trains that service the west coast of the United Kingdom.

The breakfast will be available in “onboard cars” and includes a hot pot that features mushrooms, hash browns, spinach, coriander, and baked beans.

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The train service debuted the new vegan option in a post on Facebook.

The post shows the vegan breakfast alongside a dairy-based yoghurt, which Virgin Trains insisted was not a mistake saying that: “The hot pot isn’t just for vegans, we’d encourage yoghurt-eaters to try it too because it’s delicious.”

Virgin trains also revealed it intends to potentially develop more vegan options, including plant-based milk.

“We’ll always look to move with the times,” a Virgin Trains representative stated, “so you never know what offer may come next.” 

Virgin CEO Richard Branson last year said that he predicted a meat-free world within 30 years and joined a $17 million investment round in supporting lab-meat company Memphis Meats.

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