BREAKING: Wagamama’s To Launch HUGE NEW Vegan Menu!


Wagamama’s are set to launch their first full vegan and vegetarian menu!

While being known in the vegan community for being reasonably accessible to vegans, unfortunately, we’ve always had to use a confusing allergen menu or requesting alterations to dishes.

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Now, they’re set to launch their very first vegan and vegetarian menu! It’s amazing to see they are finally made eating vegan at Wagamama’s easy and inclusive.

The menu will include a brand new vegan seitan katsu curry. The current katsu curry at Wagamama’s currently isn’t safe for vegans, so it’s great to see them including us in the katsu yummy-ness.

Take a look!

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Unfortunately, the menu isn’t available at all Wagamama outlets just yet. The brand is currently using the new menu as part of a trial before making it standard nationwide.

New items will include kare burosu ramen (breaded tofu, grilled mushrooms, curry broth) and the yasai samla curry (creamy lemon grass, coconut sauce and fried tofu).

There’s no news on when it will be released to the masses, however with the amount of time and effort they’ve put into the menu so far, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Lydia is currently a 2nd year journalism student studying at the University of Leeds. While previously working at one of Singapore's leading lifestyle websites, she's now been covering vegan news since 2016. After going vegetarian for ethical reasons in 2015, she is a passionate vegan, who wants to ensure that animals are treated with love and compassion.


    • Details are few and far between at the moment. The pictures seen are from a trial with the menu set to be launched across the UK very soon.

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