Waitrose To Sell Vegan Pizza Express Giardiniera

The pizzas will be in stores later in the month.

pizza express

Pizza Express will soon be adding their famous vegan giardiniera pizza to their retail range, which will be available in Waitrose stores later in the month.

Pizza Express was one of the first high-street restaurants to offer a vegan pizza, with the cheeseless ‘pianta’.

However, after Zizzi enjoyed monumental success introducing vegan cheese to their menu, the Italian chain now offers the vegan giardiniera, complete with dairy-free cheese.

The giardiniera is topped with spinach, red onion, artichokes, garlic roasted mushrooms, vegan mozzarella and passata.

Pizza Express Set To Launch New Vegan Options To Celebrate World Vegan Day

Waitrose has become one of the more vegan-friendly supermarkets in the UK, and earlier this year was the first to introduce its very own vegan aisle.

While refrigerated vegan pizzas have existed for some time now, with brands such as White Rabbit selling pizzas topped with vegan cheese, this will be the first time Pizza Express has sold vegan pizzas outside of their restaurants.

As well as vegan pizza, Pizza Express is also developing new and exciting dessert options.

Alongside traditional vegan dessert sorbet, they also blackcurrant and limoncello semifreddo.

This is a biscuit base, topped with a fluffy limoncello liqueur & blackcurrant mousse, served with fruit coulis, strawberry and fresh mint.

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