Waitrose To Stock Mature Vegan Cheddar Cheese

The new cheese will be in stores from June 4th.


From the 4th of June, Waitrose will be stocking vegan mature style cheddar cheese and soft spread cheese by the dairy-free brand ‘Koko’.

The arrival of the vegan cheese comes as Waitrose announces that it will be stocking around 50 new vegan items within its stores.

The supermarket will also be having its very own dedicated vegan aisles.

All of Koko’s products are also lactose and soya free, and the cheeses will have added calcium along with added vitamins D and B12.

The mature cheddar and the soft cheese spread are the first time Koko has ventured into the world of dairy-free cheese.

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They have already established themselves by selling vegan milks, spreads, yoghurts and coconut oil.

The cheese was launched earlier in May at VegFest Bristol.

125 branches of Waitrose are set to stocking the full selection of new vegan items, and will stock popular brands such as Quorn alongside other exclusive brands.

Chloe Graves is a Waitrose buyer, and believes the new products will sell well.

“Our current selection of products has been selling really well week after week, with requests for more choice coming from our customers and partners, so we could clearly see there was an appetite to have more vegetarian and vegan options in our shops.” 

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