Warburtons: UK’s Favourite Sandwich Is Hummus And Falafel

Research by Warburtons has found the nations favourite sandwich.

falafel and hummus

Research by British bread company Warburtons has found that the hummus and falafel sandwich is the most popular sandwich in the UK.

They found that in the 1970’s the favourite was ham salad, and the chicken salad had the top spot in the 80’s.

Meanwhile, the BLT reigned supreme in the 90’s, and smoked salmon and cream cheese was number one in the 2000’s.

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Talking about the UK’s switch to plant-based options, Darren Littler, innovation director at Warburtons stated;

“Whilst the humble sandwich has remained a classic UK favourite over the decades, it’s interesting to see the fillings that fall in and out of favour in line with trends and preferences,” 

“Now, with a vastly increased number of choices compared to years gone by, more adventurous fillings are now clearly the order of the day for many Brits, with corned beef no longer cutting the mustard.”

Contenders for the top sandwich spot included BBQ pulled pork, chicken and avocado, and brie and grape.

In third place came another plant-based favourite, avocado.

Vegan and plant-based sandwiches have developed past hummus and falafel, with offerings such as pesto wraps and vegan cheese sandwiches now available to consumers.

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