Why You’re Wasting Your Time Doing Street Activism

street activism

Got your attention? Thought so. Hear me out.

Vegan street activism may seem like a great way to support and promote the vegan message. It is. But, it’s not the best way. In fact, you can reach more people and deliver stronger messages from sitting at home on your sofa or spending 10 minutes on your phone anywhere in the world.

Sure, street activism, speeches and animal saves are attention grabbing and a bunch of people see what you’re doing.

However, if your goal is to convert more people to a vegan lifestyle and help people think more consciously, then the street isn’t the place for your activism.

street activism

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. The internet is where 99% of your activism should be taking place.

If you put all your effort into promoting a vegan lifestyle on social media and the internet, you would turn more people vegan in a much shorter period of time.

This survey showed some interesting results looking at why people go vegan.

With the internet, you can reach thousands of people everyday. Sure, if you’re just beginning it will only be your current followers on your social media platforms but that’s hundreds of people to get started with.

Posting about veganism daily is going to get the attention of plenty of people.

There’s going to be three types of people. You might find a few that simply hate being confronted with the truth and unfriend/unfollow you.

Some might find you annoying but eventually come around and start to see the truth.

And then the last group is the portion that’s going to comment on things and send you messages. They realise the benefits of living vegan and want to make that change.

That last group might be a small percentage but they’ll be quickest to make the change.

Surprisingly though, it’s the group that finds you annoying that counts the most. Let me explain.

street activism
Don’t give up on street activism just yet.

When you’re posting daily, sharing images, your thoughts and the benefits of living vegan, you’re planting seeds. It makes people stop and think about what they’re doing and how they’re living.

That’s the most important thing. They may never tell you because they found you annoying or complained when you always spoke about veganism. But you planted the seed. I can almost guarantee in future they’re going to try going vegan. They might never tell you but that’s a lot more people vegan.

Similarly, your reach will be huge. I’d say the bog-standard vegan must help to turn around 3 other people vegan over their first year or so. Extrapolate that and you have hundreds more people posting about and promoting veganism. Say you turn 3 people vegan, they each turn another 3 and then each of those turn another 3. It can continue infinitely.

Street activism is great and I’m not bashing it. Keep at it. Attend Earthlings Experiences, chalk pavements, attend fur protests and pig saves. But maybe, just start putting a little more effort into talking about it online too.


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