Welcome To The World’s First Vegan Neighbourhood

Your eyes do not deceive you.

vegan neighbourhood
Source: Vegandale

A vegan neighbourhood has slowly been establishing itself in the city of Toronto. Locally known as Vegandale, the city block is quickly adding vegan stores, restaurants and services.

Vegandale, which is described as a “mecca for the ethically minded and hungry” established itself on a stretch of Queen Street between Dufferin and Brock.

The area is already home to three vegan brands; Doomie’s, The Imperative and the Mythology Diner which are all managed by a group called The 5700.

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The world’s first vegan neighbourhood now has further plans to add a further 4 vegan brands by the end of 2018.

According to the Vegandale website: “Vegandale is a mecca for the ethically minded and hungry, with the best of vegan food, goods, and services co-existing on one city block in downtown Toronto.”

“This premiere destination for the vegan and vegan-curious is the only one of it’s kind, promoting a world where animal exploitation is a thing of the past. With our roots in abolitionism, our unapologetic messaging is the connection between each project we touch.”

“Vegandale is currently home to three vegan brands and will expand to a collaboration of seven storefronts by the end of 2018. The neighbourhood will continue to grow from there, offering visitors the vegan alternative for all tastes.”

The description continues: “Vegandale is also proud to take our utopia on the road, hosting Vegandale Food Drink Festival in Chicago, Toronto, New York City and one soon to be revealed addition for the 2018 season.

“At these events, the ease and enjoyment of veganism is celebrated through food, drinks, music and art with hundreds of vendors and 75,000+ guests in attendance. With expansion reaching a new North American city each year, our land without milk and honey will be Worldwide soon!”

It is believed Vegandale is the first of its kind, setting a precedent and example for other cities around the world.

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