Welsh Farmers Concerned Over Growth Of Veganism

welsh farmers

Vegan and especially dairy-free diets are putting the pressure on Welsh farmers, who are now concerned about the economic consequences of consumers choosing alternative products.

The Dairy Show chairman Colin Evans has stated the growth is worrying for the farming industry.

“It must be of concern to us. Celebrities are now getting behind promotional drives for veganism or vegetarianism” 

“We must have the answers ready for these people and to prove that we do look after our animals and we do produce food in a healthy manner.”

NFU Cymru Milk Board member Gareth Richards, who is a dairy farmer, believes that vegans represent extremist views.

“The vegan activism we’ve seen on a UK level in recent months represents an extremist view of dairy farming which portrays a completely inaccurate image of the UK dairy industry.”

“Dairy farmers are proud to produce high quality milk and dairy products for the public to consume.”

For a farmer to claim that the work vegans do is ‘extremist’, is insulting and untruthful. The dairy industry is arguably crueller than the meat industry.

Male calves are no use within the dairy industry, so are slaughtered not long after birth for veal.

Female cows are then introduced to the dairy industry, where they are repeatedly forcibly inseminated until they can no longer give birth.

After this, they are sent for slaughter also.

These Welsh farmers are for the first time fearing for their existence. Consumers are no longer sitting idly by as they rape and kill cows for profits.

They can no longer get away with this cruel and abhorrent industry. Veganism is making a direct impact on their profits, and proves the power that it holds.

Industries that cause harm and suffering to living beings should not be encouraged, and hopefully, more people will choose to boycott it.

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