Where To Find THE Best Vegan Recipes


Everyone’s done it. Drooling over pics of delicious looking vegan recipes on Instagram and Pinterest is just a part of life. However, if like me you’re often too poor to go and buy your own vegan burgers or other delicious looking treats, here’s how to get around it. This article will show you where to ind the best vegan recipes, and is guaranteed to give you the serious munchies.

My Vibrant Kitchen

This blog is relatively small, but the recipes are close to orgasmic. Peanut butter microwave brownie? Cheesy nacho sauce?? Ooey-Gooey Oreo brownies??? This is comfort food heaven and all the recipes are SUPER easy to make, don’t worry about having to go searching for weird grains or unicorn tears, everything you need can be found in your local supermarket.

oreo brownies

To make yourself feel better after inducing a chocolate-fuelled food coma, you can also try her more healthy recipes, like the vegetable warm lentil salad or the Kick-Ass Vegan Sandwich. Super yummy, super easy, and a must for all you vegan cooks out there.

Oh She Glows

This website has EVERYTHING. From Nutella hot chocolate to enchiladas to peanut butter bowls, look forward to 143 pages and over 500 mouth-watering recipes for whatever you could possibly fancy. Lots of the recipes are also gluten free if that’s an issue, and all recipes are allergy listed.

vegan enchiladas

Vegan Richa

vegan-chocolate-chunk-cookie-for-one-2481vegan-chocolate-chunk-cookie-for-one-2481Often inspired by her Indian roots, Vegan Richa posts some shockingly good looking food. Don’t just expect indian-inspired food, head here for chocolate chip cookies, eggless omelettes (yes you read that right) and cookie dough brownies. This is the definition of a one-stop shop for any recipe you could ever possibly need.


There is no way that you can leave this site and not be inspired to create something.

Carrie on Living

Finding health and balance is what Carrie is all about, and this website makes it super easy to find drinks, desserts, mains or sides to make at home. Not only are all her recipes vegan, but they’re also gluten free and focused on the health side of food, as well as making sure that they’re as delicious as possible. From macaroni to indian-spiced burgers, this is the perfect way to make sure that you don’t just survive of microwave brownies and oreos (as delicious as that may sound).

curried tempeh tofu

Minimalist Baker

What’s fab about this blog, is that every single recipe is 10 ingredients or less. Although not every single recipe on here is vegan, the vast majority are, and it has it’s own ‘vegan category’ to help find delicious recipes even easier. With recipes like peanut butter pretzel truffles and banana crumb muffins, it will prove very hard indeed to not find something you’ll crave over for the next 4 days.

vegan recipes snickers cheese cake

vegan-chocolate-chunk-cookie-for-one-2481This Rawsome Vegan Life

Dubbed a ‘raw’ genius, Em has created this website to make food beautiful again. Not just to taste good, but to nourish your body and soul. Chuck any preconceptions you may have had about raw food, as this site and its raw vegan recipes will show you that from pad thai to pumpkin pie, there is nothing you can’t eat on a raw vegan diet. It’s hard to believe that everything on here is raw, and it’s the perfect way to step a little out of your comfort zone and try something entirely new!

raw banana pie
Yes, this is raw!

Vegan recipes have never looked so good!

Now you have 0 reasons to not try your hand at cooking at home. With recipes that look this damn good, your biggest problem will just be picking which one to try first!

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